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I am a full member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellor (NZAC). I am also a Certified Geek Therapist who are culturally competent in geek culture. 

Counselling is often described as a journey for those who are in the session. I find this especially true to us, the counsellor because although this job sounds simple it is actually a complex profession. It is the complexity of our work that made a difference in our clients' life and added to our journey as a counsellor. This blog will serve as a reminder for the future me to learn and for the future beginning counsellors who seek a place where they can relate to their work. It will also serve as a platform to merge wellbeing with healthy gaming since I am a gamer myself! 

I am currently learning to integrate geek culture into my therapeutic practice. As a gamer and I am into geeky content (anime, superheroes), I could see how these hobbies have taught me skills and show me insight into what it means to live (or 'play') in this journey called Life. I wished to be the facilitator to my clients to generalise their experience and skills learnt in fantasy worlds into their physical world. 

I hope this is also a place for non-counsellor to be inspired and enjoyed as I will be posting content on wellbeing, mental health and daily challenges as well. I will be aiming to update the blog fortnightly so stay tuned for more! 

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