Feeling exhausted in life? 4 aspects that make life manageable.

Exhaustion is part of life; I am sure we have experience exhaustion at some point in our life. Regardless of what we do as a profession, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, our energy levels will start to depreciate. Whether you are studying, working in an office, dealing with people or computer, using your physical, emotional, or intellectual energy, it will add to your tiredness for certain. Our body is pretty much like our smartphones - whether we are actively

A new beginning

Hello everyone and welcome to a new beginning! I have always been a blogger during my adolescence/ young adult period but has stopped once I have entered the working world. From Bloggers to Tumblr, it was always about my personal journey, thoughts and interests. However, ever since I started my work as a counsellor in New Zealand, I always wanted a space for me to explore and record my journey as a beginning counsellor. It is a challenging journey - being a counsellor - becau