Villain, Hero, or somewhere in between?

Boba Fett, the bounty hunter. "What a cool looking villain!" was what I thought when I first saw him in one of the Star Wars movies due to his awesome gadget and armour. However, he wasn't my favourite as he was, well, a villain. To the younger me, any villain is a bad guy and we should not like them. Things were simpler when we are younger, or at least from my perspective when I was growing up. There seem to be only two categories in life, which is good and bad, a dichotomy.

How can you gamify your life by using quest-based video games' mechanics?

Happy New year everyone! Ah, yes, a new year; it is the time where everyone is excited about setting resolutions and goals to meet. We know how working towards these goals can be mundane and tiring, so in this post, we are going to look at reframing goals from a video game's perspective. Most of the time you can find objective or quest indications in most of the modern video games' mechanics. If you follow my Instagram account, you will know that recently I have been playing

What is the colour of your Plumbob?

In my previous blog post about gamifying your life by using the need gauges in The Sims series, I mentioned that it is important to identify what needs are important to us in life and identify if these need gauges needed to be replenished. In this post, I will be discussing how those need gauges impact our state of wellbeing. In The Sims series, there is a diamond looking prism hovering on top of the character that you control. This coloured prism is called a Plumbob. The mai

Your need gauges in Life!

The first Sims game was released on 4 February 2000, that was 21 years ago! I remember enjoying the game from the aspect of creating and controlling this Sims character in the game. It is almost like I can do so much that a teenager couldn't. I don't think there is an end goal in the Sims game, or at least I don't think there is one. Let me know if there is one! There are 6 different need gauges in The Sims video game and the goal is to make sure we meet the needs of each nee

Counsellor, I choose you! A guide to choosing the 'right' counsellor (Part 1)

Mental health is becoming a forefront topic of discussion in this generation with social media accounts sharing their experiences around the journey of wellbeing, challenging the stigma of mental and emotional health and promoting awareness in the topic of mental health. While it is encouraging to see the world is acknowledging the importance of mental health and being more open to discussing it, it was saddening to read news where a minority of people are exploiting others'

Feeling exhausted in life? 4 aspects that make life manageable.

Exhaustion is part of life; I am sure we have experience exhaustion at some point in our life. Regardless of what we do as a profession, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, our energy levels will start to depreciate. Whether you are studying, working in an office, dealing with people or computer, using your physical, emotional, or intellectual energy, it will add to your tiredness for certain. Our body is pretty much like our smartphones - whether we are actively

Do you need love in a romantic relationship? 6 ways to maintain it!

So, Valentine day has passed, and you may be new into a romantic relationship - thanks to Valentine Day, you may just have celebrated Valentine Day with lots of loves from your partner, or it may just be a normal day for you; no matter how you celebrate the day, it is undeniable that at some point in our life we will be involved in a romantic relationship, or any relationship for the matter. It is crucial to look at the fundamental element in most relationship - the feeling o

A new beginning

Hello everyone and welcome to a new beginning! I have always been a blogger during my adolescence/ young adult period but has stopped once I have entered the working world. From Bloggers to Tumblr, it was always about my personal journey, thoughts and interests. However, ever since I started my work as a counsellor in New Zealand, I always wanted a space for me to explore and record my journey as a beginning counsellor. It is a challenging journey - being a counsellor - becau