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Leveling up! Facing enemies that are at your level.

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

It is well known in Role Playing Game (RPG) such as Pokémon, to have a levelling up system. The logic behind it is that you train up your Pokémon by defeating other Pokémon trainers and earn experience points.

Pokémon with a higher level would normally defeat Pokémon with a lower level. Which make sense. What should you do if your Pokémon's level is too low? Level up!

I have the chance of playing Pokémon Legend: Arceus and it is a fresh take of the franchise! Because of the fresh approach to the game, even though I am familiar with the Pokémon RPG games, there were some learning curves. Alpha Pokémon. The first time I encountered an alpha Rapidash with a level 25 water Pokémon, Dewott, I thought I could take it. I was wrong as the whole team was completely destroyed!

Unfortunately, we do not have such system in our physical life. When we look at video games from the lens of levels, it's a common sense for gamers to challenge themselves accordingly to the level of their characters. However, since we do not have a level system in physical life, it isn’t always clear if our skills are below or above the level of the required tasks.

It is a common in counselling sessions and also in my own life to hear stories where the people keep putting in the work to overcome a particular challenge or tasks but kept failing. No matter how hard or how long the person tried, the tasks seems impossible. I have been through that as well. There are variety of reasons for it and mostly it's because of the mismatch of level of the skill and tasks.

Here are some tips to level up.

  1. Reflect: Observe, be mindful and reflect on where when wrong and what needed to be done. In my case, even though water type moves are normally effective against a Fire-type Pokémon, the level of my party are obviously too low for it. Observe what seems to be the issue.

  2. Plan: Plan your step. If you need to level up, plan for the practical steps you can do to achieve it. In the case of video games, I need to level up my Pokémon's by earning experience points. Refer back to the previous posts on goal-setting/ quest for tips on making goal setting achievable.

  3. Grinding: It goes without saying that hard work is needed to improve. And grinding can be boring and tedious! So are practices and tasks in real life.

  4. Endurance and patience are needed!

  5. Rest: Take a break from the grinding to allow yourself to regenerate in order not to overworked.

When the tasks or monsters we face are too powerful in life, it might mean that their level is too high. So look for tasks that are easier to defeat and gradually build up your skills and experience before tackling the higher level monsters or enemies!

What skill do you want to level up?

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